Backyard Retreat

The talented residential crew recently completed a beautiful backyard retreat in Burlington, NC.  This project included a large hardscape installation that featured a kitchen, patio, pizza oven, bar area, outdoor girl, appliances, and counter tops. This outdoor kitchen is perfect for outdoor entertaining and dining whether you want a steak, cool beverage or a wood fire cooked pizza. This project...Learn More


TIPS on the WINTER LANDSCAPE: Finding Mother  Natures Paintbrush.Against a barren winter canvas, surprising impact is still found in your landscape:                        Texture, color and structure can still be found in the landscape, despite the lack of much vegetation this time of year. Plant material, even without its foliage,...Learn More

Take your dream kitchen outdoors

A Mackintosh on the Lake family loves their spacious home, but when it comes to entertaining, they like to take it outside. Grilling out with friends is one of their favorite events and in North Carolina our mild climate makes it a nine-month opportunity. Color Landscapes met with the family and drew up designs based on their dream kitchen...outdoors....Learn More