Top 10 Under-Used Plants In The Triad

This month I want to highlight my top 10 UNDERUSED plants for the Triad area. I know many of you will discuss with me at length your intense (and it IS intehellebore120090421x1200 IInse) hatred for the everloving Nandina, Bradford Pear and Juniper- that is not what we will be discussing here. Here are my top 10 plants that have to meet a strict criteria: They must to grow well in our area, with a minimum of care (OK- you still have to water them- but little else.) They must have several attractive characteristics (i.e Beautiful bark AND leaves, OR great flowers AND branching pattern,etc.) they must not be on every street corner- so we can create a unique look when they are used. Take a gander at these:
  1. Chionanthus Virginicus- Fringetree. This small tree has beautiful blooms in the spring.
  2. Edgeworthia chrusanthua- Paperbush. This blooms when very little else is in EARLY spring. Great fragrance to the blooms- the whole plant is very dramatic.
  3. Cytstisus scoparius- Scotch Broom. Great blooms in the spring- deer resistant too!edgeworthia_chrysantha
  4. Illisium floridatum- Anise. Love the red blooms and evergreen foliage.
  5. Abelia 'Kaleidoscope'- Love the green and yellow evergreen foliage for something different in the landscape.
  6. Corylus contorta- Harry Lauder's Walking Stick. "Stick' this in your yard (no pun intended) for a great conversation piece. I also see it quite often in a  container- but it would eventually have to be moved to allow the plant to fill out.
  7. Cedrus atlantica- Blue Atlas Cedar. Love the steel blue foliage and striking branching pattern. Great for a unique look in the winter landscape.
  8. Sarcococca ruscifolia- Sweetbox. Love the flowers, the foliage and the fact that it is deer resistant.
  9. Hellebore- Coral Bells. Blooms in the winter about when the Paperbush is blooming. Love the evergreen foliage and the pink/white blooms.
  10. Camellia sasanqua- Fall Blooming Camellia. Again love the fact that it blooms when flowers are off of most people's minds- a very nice surprise for the late fall/winter!
Try some of these in your garden and see how you like them!

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